About Us

Mayan Decor is a U.S. based organization with Guatemalan roots, dedicated to empowering local artisans to share with the world their incredible skills. With a vast admiration for the cultural heritage of the country, it has as its purpose the preservation of ancient Mayan traditions, adapted to the creative & functional needs of this era.
The artisans are indigenous men and women, who with incredible skill, create textiles in much the same way as their ancestors once did. They weave threads of different colors creating unique designs in foot looms or backstrap looms. Some pieces are then embroidered by hand, influence of the Spanish conquistadores. Each figure and pattern has a unique legend and a special meaning, characteristic of its region of origin.
Mayan Decor offers unique, high quality hand made pieces to please all tastes and styles. Our customers will get a one of a kind product handcrafted with love, while empowering Mayan communities in Guatemala.
Our specialized shop, in addition, opens a door to infinite creative opportunities for the most demanding designers and their clients.